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Registration process and tuition rates

Registration for the present year is ongoing.


1385 S. Adams Road, Rochester Hills, MI  48309

Pre-K (248) 375-9255 or Pre-School (248) 375-2140





·      We strongly encourage parents to call and set up a day to visit the desired program with your child to observe the program.

·      When you visit the program, please inform the staff if your child has any special needs

·      Our staff will guide you in selecting the program and schedule, which meets your child’s developmental needs.

·      Children must be 2 ˝ years old to enter Pre-School, 4 years of age to enter Pre-Kindergarten, and 5 to 6 years old to participate in the Kindergarten Enrichment Program.

·      Click on the link below to access our online records system where you will first, create a family account. Please use your child's first and last names with no spaces for your username. You may use any password you wish. After you create your family account, please complete and submit the Registration Form which automatically appears, and mail a NON-REFUNDABLE $100 registration fee to Somerset ECC, 1385 S Adams Road, Rochester Hills, MI 48309. A registration fee will be refunded only if WE cannot place your child in your first choice schedule. After your registration fee is received, the Registration Form will be processed, and you will be notified by email and regular mail when your child's schedule has been confirmed. Accompanying that confirmation will be instructions for the submission of the rest of the information required to complete your child's enrollment. If you are applying for more than one child, click the link below again and enter the same username and password to sign in. Click the Start New button to open another blank form for each additional child.



The registration link is ongoing. You may register for the current or coming year 

at any time. After you have submitted your initial registration information, you

will be contacted by our administrative assistant who will assist you in completing 

the registration process.

3. Click the Save Progress button at the bottom if you have partially completed the form to save all data entry and return later. 

4. This form is a legal document. Enter your full name in the electronic signature field at the bottom. This is a legal signature. Enter the current date

5. You MUST click the Submit button for the document to be legal. 

6. If you want to make updates or register your child for another year, sign in again and click the Edit button on the row with the child’s name. Make any changes required. Update the date field next to the signature field. Click the Submit button. 

7. If you want to register another child, sign in again with the family username and password and click the Start New button. Follow the instructions above. 

Please fill in ALL fields. Our State of Michigan licensing requires COMPLETED forms. If you do not feel a field applies to you or your child, type "NA" into that field to indicate that you have read the form and have decided that particular field does not apply in your case.


·      To ensure you get your choice of a schedule, register as early as possible.  We place on a first come first served basis.  Once a class is filled, a waiting list is started also on a first come first serve basis.

·      We will confirm your schedule and monthly tuition installment by mail.  Retain your confirmation letter for future reference; we do not mail monthly statements.

·      Tuition installments are based on the number of days you select: 2, 3, 4 or 5 days per week.  The total amount for the year is divided into 10 equal installments, one due the first of each month.

·      Students who begin after the 1st day of school will have pro-rated tuition rates.




Number of days 
Per week
Morning or Afternoon

All Day


      *Includes lunch session with parent provided sack lunch and beverage


If your child attends in the morning, lunchtime can be added occasionally at a rate of $6 per lunch.  The monthly amounts listed above are calculated on a full school year.  The tuition rate for children beginning later in the year is pro-rated to reflect the number of sessions for which they are enrolled.  If you enroll two children from the same family in the same school year, the second child’s tuition is figured at 10% less.


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