The development of your child's potential is our passion.
Each year we request feedback from our parents on our program. The comments below are from our Annual Parent Questionnaire.

1. You chose Somerset for specific reasons. Have we met your expectations?
  • "Yes - Somerset has been a very positive experience for my child. The teachers are great and the curriculum has prepared my child for Kindergarten."
  • "Yes, in every way. My son is now mentally and emotionally prepared for Kindergarten, thanks to Somerset."
  • "Yes. We have been very happy at Somerset. My children are comfortable in a classroom setting and academically prepared to move on to Elementary."
    - Laura Coraci
  • "Yes. Somerset has gone above and beyond my expectations."
  • "Yes, our child loves going to school, is happy and looks forward to showing us everything she has done for that day. The teachers and administrators have been wonderful and we have seen real growth in her progress."
  • "Exceeded expectations! This is such a wonderful program. The growth my preschooler has experienced is unbelievable! Iím so impressed!"
  • "Yes! I always know that my child is going to be cared for, challenged and loved. Everything is so well organized. Ms Diane is very prompt with her reply to phone/email. Ms Sheela always finds a way to turn any situation into a learning experience. The communication with teachers and parents has increased thanks to the iPod Touch. I love getting pictures!"
    - Andrea Myrick
  • "Yes, we feel very satisfied."
  • "Yes, above and beyond expectations!"
    - Katie Ollesheimer
  • "The school is wonderful because of all of the great teachers! The top brass is excellent too!"
    - Bruce Dow (Reading and Language Arts Professor)
  • "Yes, I feel that as a returning family, my child has learned a great deal and has exceeded beyond what his sibling did. This year has been great and I have seen tremendous growth in my child. He is very excited to start school in the fall and I feel he will have an upper hand because of his Somerset experience."
  • "Somerset has met and exceeded my expectations."
    - Beth Newingham (teacher)
  • "Yes! We have loved every moment our kids have attended."
  • "Absolutely! Somerset School has gone above and beyond our expectations to help our daughter in all aspects."
    - Farjana Mohsin
  • "Yes! We chose Somerset because the preschool teachers were focused on developing the behaviors for learning/cooperating. This carries through up in Pre-K where they also prepare for Kindergarten. As my second child is about to complete her time at Somerset, I can say our expectations have always been met."
  • "Yes! My child has grown in every aspect (socially-academically)."
    - Bonnie Galens
  • "Expectations have been exceeded! My child is reading at a much higher level than I had hoped for. I feel my child is more than prepared to move on to Kindergarten."
  • "Yes, communication is key and very well done."
    - Michele Daccille
  • "Absolutely, this is an exceptional early learning program. Exceptional teachers have given my child a very well rounded social, emotional and educational experience over 3 years. The KE program this year has FAR exceeded my expectations. I think every child should have such an opportunity to excel before Kindergarten."
    - Heather Chavez
  • "Yes! Charlie (and Jack) are curious, follow school procedures, and enjoy school. We feel our younger five year old is doing so well academically and socially because of Somerset. This is the reason we chose to send our second son there as well."
    - Kelly Durand (teacher)
  • "The attention paid to my son Ė the familiarity between staff and my family, as well as involvement of all staff from top on down with Aidanís needs."
  • "Yes, I have been very happy with my childís progress. I cannot say enough about our experience here at Somerset. My child loves to get up for school. The teachers are beyond wonderful. Somerset has been such an amazing experience."
    - Michell Campbell
  • "Yes, Somerset continually incorporates a variety of current educational theories into the curriculum that provides my child with a holistic learning experience."
    - Laura Klein (teacher)
  • "Yes. This is clearly the best program available in our area. My childís academic knowledge exceeds expectations."

2. If you recommend Somerset to your friends, what aspects of the program do you describe as most important to you?
  • "The staff and the curriculum are most important and Somerset has been great."
  • "The teacher to student ratio (small classes), academic plan, faculty and their credentials."
  • "-incorporating fun and learning, addressing childís progress in different areas as to social, physical, etc., weekly objectives/newsletter, feedback system and parent-teacher conference, iPad photos. Ms Beverly and Ms Cheryl are very organized, demonstrate professionalism. They let the kids be kids while maintaining their authority."
  • "I have been very happy with the teachers! I have a child that already went to Kindergarten and was more than ready after Pre-K at Somerset."
    - Laura Coraci
  • "Kindergarten Enrichment program, health and safety standards, play based curriculum"
  • "The teacher to student ratio, the care and interest in our child, the kindness of the teachers, the more highly educated the teachers are Ė all things to rave about."
    - Ms Burnham-Sayers
  • "Somerset is a wonderful and caring environment that sparks enthusiasm academically, socially and emotionally. The teachers have a great understanding of early childhood education. It is wonderful that Somerset is accredited by NAEYC.  Somerset is an excellent school. The teachers, administrators and environment are great. The Sing-Along was such a special event and one we will always remember. We have loved being a part of Somerset this past year. Thank you!"
  • "The teachers are GREAT! This is such a wonderful program. The growth my preschooler has experienced is unbelievable! Iím so impressed!"
  • "Play based learning cultivates a desire for children to want to learn, explore and try new things."
    - Andrea Myrick
  •  "Excellent structure and communication with the staff and other families. You feel like you are still with your child throughout the school day.  Itís a great school community in general."
  • "The teachers are very observant of my childís special needs and help her make friends, gain confidence."
  • "How much my child is learning, the accreditation, ease of drop off/pick ups and the flexibility of timing (drop off/pick up)."
    - Katie Ollesheimer
  • "A to Z is awesome. Very child focused. The learning and play ratio is perfect. The play is the learning. My child loves school!!!"
    - Bruce Dow (Reading and Language Arts Professor)
  •  "My child is excited and ready to start Kindergarten. I love that the kids have homework."
  • "The staff at Somerset truly care about each child and work hard to help each student improve their skills and knowledge in a way that hones in on the childís strengths and builds on their personal interests.  We love the regular communication via email, including the newsletters and even photos sent of Luke during the school day!"
    - Beth Newingham (teacher)
  • "The fantastic teachers and accreditation."
  • "The school is a happy ad safe environment. Extremely dedicated teachers that always keep parents informed about childís progress. Children are learning basic skills and academics through play. The entire staff is always friendly and always ready to help students and their families."
    - Farjana Mohsin
  • "Again, the development of behaviors that create a desire to learn. All preschools teach  ABCís, numbers, etc. but not all teach how to handle toddler emotions, how to solve disagreements, etc."
  • "Exceptional teachers! They are kind, loving and knowledgeable! Awesome academics! Great families. It is a fabulous school!"
    - Bonnie Galens
  • "Reading, writing, author studies (comparing and contrasting different works written by an author)"
  • "Aggressive learning, attention to detail, great staff. Love the annual Sing Along and graduation ceremony and field trips."
    - Michele Daccille
  • "Individual learning, willingness to adapt and work with children where they are, makes learning fun with play, multiple approaches to learn same concept."
    - Heather Chavez
  • "The lessons are very authentic. I like that a lot of focus is placed on behaviors/attitudes that promote learning vs. skill/drill.
    - Kelly Durand (teacher)
  • "The great learning atmosphere, the family events, and the caring staff. As I said above, from Ms Sheela on down, everyone has my childís best interests at heart."
  • "Just the individual care and concern they have for each child."
    - Michell Campbell
  • "Classroom content is more than just play-based. Very good student to teacher ratio and broad base of learning activities."
  • "The experience and education of the teaching staff, the principles the program is based on, class size, structured format/learning through play (most appropriate at this age)"

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